• ETM Home Tutoring
    ETM home tutoring
    Our tutors can help your student in many
    fields as well as help in test preparation.
  • ETM Advanced Methods
    Advanced Methods
    We want to help our kids learn and grow. We want
    them to succeed. That's why EDUCATING THE MIND
    uses the established methods of
    Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the
    leading edge techniques of
    Thought Pattern Management (TPM) as well as
    other proven methods to ensure their success.
  • ETM School Program
    School Program
    ETM has a school program to help teachers
    with students who are struggling in
    Special ed classes.
we care about our children
They are our legacy. That's why we use advance teaching methods to ensure their success.

Innovative methods of teaching

Traditional teaching concerns itself with teaching content. We focus on how the mind processes.

We work with the student's identity, beliefs, VAK processing, mind rule structures, and environment and work with their strengths to incorporate better ways to process learning.

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