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ETM Tutors

ETM provides tutors who only know the subject material, but have also been trained in how to teach.

There are a number of Tutoring services out there. Most of them seek to help the child focus and give them some one-on-one help. For many children, that's what is necessary. We can provide this at your home for less than most of the other services charge for having you take the children to an office.

In addition, we are trained in advanced communication and learning skills, so that we can recognize what the learning problems have been and either help the child learn by standard tutoring methods, or teach the child to learn the information using a different part of the brain.

We prefer to tutor in the home so that we can evaluate the learning environment and make suggestions on how to help the child study at home in a more effective manner. This also provides the parents with the convenience of not having the run the student to yet another appointment.

Our tutors can not only help your student in many fields, but can also help in preparation for the SAT, ACT, National Merit, or any other test.

Tutoring sessions are a minimum 1 session per week. We have a 2 hour minimum session at a rate of $32 per hour paid weekly. For tutoring plans, the hourly rate is discounted depending on duration of the plan.

Why call us?

ETM Tutors:

  • We know our material
  • We've taught it before
  • Student's like us
  • Parents relate to us
  • Teachers respect us
  • We get results
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